Travel Hacks That Make Your Life More Easy

If your live your life through wonderlust, or notice that you travel loads for work, you probably know a little bit about traveling efficiently. Whether it's money saving tips for booking your travel or amazing packing methods that help you free up space to buy that extra shirt or souvenir - we have some things you might not have thought about.  below are some great ways to add some travel hacks to your lifestyle next time you go on a vacay or work trip.


When it comes to planning a trip, you should definitely check out Instagram collection Pages. These are a great way to figure out what each destination has when you have some sort a vacation in mind. You can save all of the different tourist attractions and places you want to go including restaurants people love, scenic views, as well as local markets, and all the fun stuff you can do in between. This will give you a great idea of what you might want to do without actually putting yourself in a strict itinerary.


When it comes to making sure that you have all the data you need, you should definitely look into WiFi hotspots overseas when traveling internationally. International data planscan really cut into your budget, or give you a slight shock and surprise when you get home. This is a great way to travel abroad and not have to pay double the price but things like translation apps, online maps, and all of your social media that you want to update with loads of pictures of your trip. You can get Wi-Fi hotspot unlimited for less than what you would pay for your regular service.


Know how to book flights! When it comes to booking flights you should definitely know a thing or two about the latest travel hacks. For instance did you know that when you fly most Airlines they charge you extra for the baggage. However, there is one airline that includes baggage in the price of your flight.  Southwest offers loads of flights for less and you can check up to two pieces of luggage without the extra fees! The other great thing about booking with an economy Airline like Southwest, is the fact that you can get deals and coupon codes when you click the link above. You'll be taken to a website that will help you find the latest and greatest deals on Southwest that will help you fly for even less then you normally would.


Another great travel hack that will make you laugh a little bit more easy it is to better understand how to treat your flight attendants. When you are simply nice to your flight attendant they give you loads of freebies. Of course, this isn't true for all fights but it is true most of the time. You might even look into a flight attendant his having such a bad day but the moment you give her a compliment or say something I said she could upgrade you to first class for free. Kindness goes a long way when flying with the airline. Although you might not get first class you might even get a bump in a seat or even a free glass of wine. Just remember to use these travel hacks next time you travel in order to make your life more easy.